Andrew Bird / Bloodless

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“Nothing had changed. Their lives had been expended in the cheerless labor, their wills broken, their intelligences numbed. Now they were in the earth to which they had given their lives; and slowly, year by year, the earth would take them. Slowly the damp and rot woudl infest the pine boxes which held their bodies, and slowly it would touch their flesh and finally it would consume the last vestiges of their substances. And they would become a meaningless part of that stubborn earth to which they had long ago given themselves.”
John Edward Williams, Stoner

Idag kom jag ut genom dörren trots att det stod ett berg bakom…dom är stora o vinner inte alltid..det gäller bara att blunda en hel dag o sen lura sig själv…klappar berget i ryggen o säger tack för idag när jag lämnar o låser dörren…vilket jag måste göra annars smiter jag bara in igen…