R I P Master Rachid ♥️

Every day

Each day I watch the days

Every night

I wait for the nights

Every night I wait for a sign

Every morning

I ask a question

How does the world work

What world are we living in

What to do, what’s been done

She’s forgotten me, forgotten me

What to do, what do I do

She’s gone, abandoned me

My heart remains pure

And yet she has abandoned me

Who am I?

Am I bad

Am I different

Am I Arab

Am I European

Am I Indian

Am I black

What to do, what has been accomplished

She has gone and abandoned me

What can I do, what’s been done

My heart has stayed pure

But, but

I’ve got to get it over with

This is a tough day

I’ve never had one like it

In all my life…

This day is a day on strike

What to do, what do I do

Life has forsaken me

Although my heart remains pure

She has forgotten me, abandoned me…

What to do, what could I do

I drift with the stars

What to do, what do I do

I travel with my beloved…

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